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The province is conducting a survey in order to improve travel in B.

"Little Drummer Boy" (Official Music Video) - GENTRI

Won and done: Toronto wins NBA title, loses superstar. Police recover vehicles, machinery stolen in past several years, mostly from Lower Mainland. Things will get a little bloody at the Tom Rooney Playhouse on Oct. Next story Megyn Kelly absent from show following blackface comments. Just Posted Tahltan attempt to evict jade and placer miners Northwest First Nation says activity is poorly regulated and causing environmental degradation.

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Three more earthquakes off north and central B. Play time!

Conrad Park playground opens to the public Unique equipment is on hand at the first all accessible playground on the east side. Report: Kawhi Leonard to leave Raptors, sign with L. Alberta golf cart driver runs over and kills two geese An employee of the Sandpiper Golf and Country Club near Edmonton was the one driving.

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  • The Christmas Gift that Came to Rupert by Bret Harte.

Taseko Mines pursues court injunction against B. Vandal swims out to spray-paint beacon in Victoria harbour A man made his way out to a beacon near the Johnson Street Bridge with paint. - The Christmas Gift that Came to Rupert

Indeed, Christmas this year in Lankien, South Sudan, will be a dusty affair. One of the great bonuses of the build-up for me here though, is the complete unawareness of its immanence. Religion here is, officially Christian, but with the absence of a market goes the absence of marketing. Continuous drumming and singing thud into the walls of the Tukuls Mud Huts of the clinics, wards and accommodation of the MSF compound here all through the night, and over the weekend. Weekend dances continue regardless of any other longer-term agendae, and every Sunday the imposingly tall and thin males of the Nuer tribe do a circular dance, wielding their wooden staffs on our hard dusty airstrip.

Along with the six wrinkle-like scars across the forehead. The dancers take giant steps in a circle, bouncing up and down above the heads of the crowd, every other step being a giant leap into the air, their sticks brandished.

An Oral History of a Lynching

Tall thin giants, leaping giant steps, and singing, like a rugby team, in unison. I think so. The Nuer sing in everything they do, and it is normal for me to wander off into the dark to switch-off the generator, and locate the whereabouts of our unarmed guards in the compound by their soft but note-perfect solo singing. Most of them are respected warriors, and are not afraid of many things, including bullets or any insecurity we might feel here.

Crossing the Creative/Critical Divide

They have seen it all before. I caught one of my carpenters singing a Sudanese carol whilst cleaning the workshop yesterday. He has promised to teach it to me. It will be characterised by both Saturday and Sunday off here in the hospital, instead of just Sunday, but of course we shall all be on-call.

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  7. But that will probably get slaughtered tonight for the weekend, probably by me! I am determined to get the Frisbee out, and continue to teach the village boys what moves I know on the airstrip, but personally Christmas will be stressful for me, as I will be covering both Technical and Supply Logistics. Time here is measured-out in the long-term in flight-rotations.