Guide Stories For Kids: 31 Fun and Illustrated Children’s Stories with Moral Lessons (A Story A Day)

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Then eight elephants came marching on the roof. An hour later the big dinosaurs fell asleep. Then ten boys went tiptoeing home. One day, two children were hungry. They carried three ice creams. Four tigers were hungry too. They wanted to eat the children in five minutes. The children saw the tiger and they were in danger so they hid behind six trees.

Then, seven dragons saw the children. In eight minutes, the dragons helped the children. Their nine parents were happy and at ten o'clock they went to sleep. One day I saw two black cats in the house. Then three white cats came out of the door! Then four monsters came out. Then five shoes walked out by themselves. Then six people ran out. Then seven ghosts floated out and eight dinosaurs stomped out.

Nine minutes later, ten dragons flew out!

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Finally, I went inside the house. One day, two little monsters were going to their three beds. There were four birds on their beds. Five minutes later, six cars passed by and seven monsters jumped out of the cars. Then, eight typhoons blew, nine trees fell down, and ten typhoons came. The Halloween Story One Halloween night there were two monsters in the same cupboard in a haunted house. There were three ghosts in different drawers. Then four giants knocked on the door and five ogres welcomed them in. Six people ran in with the giants.

Then seven or eight witches met nine or ten wizards and they made magic spells. A Night at the Beach One dark night at the beach we saw two under water divers. Then came three. They went into four or five different rock pools. They saw six starfish and seven colourful pieces of coral. From eight o'clock to nine o'clock they continued exploring, and at ten o'clock they surfaced and went home. A Number Story One day I went to the beach.

Two days later I went back to the beach. Then three hours later we went home, and on the way we went passed four kangaroos. When we got home there were five birds. Then another bird came and that made six birds. Seven kids scared the birds away, then eight birds pecked at the kids. Nine cats pounced on the birds. Then ten dogs chased the cats away.

Quick's class Adelaide, South Australia May 31, At the Zoo One fine day two friends went to the zoo. They saw three monkeys and four or five giraffes. Then they saw six or seven kangaroos hopping around their cage. They saw eight koalas. Then they saw nine or ten snakes escaping from their cages. The friends ran out of the zoo screaming.

A Potion One evening at my house, there were two rats in the basement and three black cats. There were four or five witches and six or seven wizards. They were mixing spells in eight black pots. Then they added in nine frogs and ten mice and suddenly the potion blew up. They went round the ferris wheel four times.

They passed the horses five times. Then the children asked their parents six times, "Can we please ride the horses?

Then they saw a man juggling nine balls. On the way home they saw ten puppies in the pet shop window. Crossing the Road One day two rabbits hopped across three roads and narrowly missed being hit by four cars.

Best Read-Aloud Books - Scholastic

In an African village, a group of men pursue cattle thieves. Later, one of the villagers tries to steal from one of the dead thieves. The Green Leaves illustrates themes of greed, modernization, and community that work against the individual. A year-old girl visits an Old Ladies' Home. She is trying to earn points as part of her duties as a Campfire Girl.

Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) Sunday School Lesson for Kids

Read "A Visit of Charity". Set in ancient times, a king has an unusual method of putting criminals on trial. The criminal is placed in an arena with two identical doors. Behind one is a hungry tiger, and behind the other door is a beautiful woman. The accused gets to open one of the doors, and chance decides whether he is guilty or innocent.

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Evans and Hooker are on a canoe approaching land. They trying to decipher a roughly drawn map they stole from a Chinese man after overhearing him talk about a treasure he had found and reburied. Read "The Treasure in the Forest". Two women who married two brothers and who live in the same household receive news that both of their husbands are dead. The Wives of the Dead deals with reactions to loss and blurs the lines between reality and dreams. Read "The Wives of the Dead". A man schemes to take revenge on someone who injured and insulted him. This is a dark story with a lot of tension.

Read "The Cask of Amontillado". As Madge is getting ready to drive to Colchester, she gets a phone call from Mr. Tabor, who asks her if she would drive his niece Eunice back home. She agrees but is uncomfortable. Madge picks up Eunice and finds her off-putting and unsettling.

The Creation Story: Genesis 1-2

Read "Night Drive". A young boy attempts to cross a long carpet in his home, imagining it to be full of snakes and hot coals. Read "The Wish". Mark Twain goes back hundreds of years to describe some of the notables in his family line. Read "A Burlesque Biography". A year-old girl is going to be awarded her school's scholarship jacket because she's been a straight A student for years.

But an unforeseen complication arises. Read "The Scholarship Jacket". Read "The Sentimentalists". Read "The Friday Everything Changed". A family lives in an automated house, which includes a virtual nursery that takes care of the children's needs.