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Examples of steadfast. The other six business papers remained steadfast and vocal in their opposition to war. From Cambridge English Corpus. The strength of the first chapters is the steadfast focus on formal rigor. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.


CYO Steadfast - CYO of Long Island - Hicksville, NY

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. This double staining provided steadfast reference points in determining stratification patterns of the cone bipolar cell axon terminals.

He is steadfast in his plea for linguistic tolerance. They are most delivering and steadfast at war. Volunteers have been a crucial part of the palliative care movement and have been, in some ways, the most steadfast element in end-of-life care. To his followers, he emphasized that compromise was a part of politics, but it was important to remain absolutely steadfast in the final goal.

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This development would be a boon for bioethics, which has remained basically steadfast to its originative constituency - left-oriented, big government liberalism. To bring together a dazzling wealth of original archival research with a steadfast determination to challenge cherished myths and assumptions is a truly awesome task.

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Recall that steadfast code produces the right answers for all possible modes and inputs. He was also a steadfast champion of alternative theatre in its most challenging and socially useful aspects. Steadfast in their unease at the hollow formalities of much of recent urban development, they continue to 'build' architects rather than buildings. At issue is a steadfast belief in the fixity of text and stability of meaning, which together grant textual artifacts a prescriptive force in historical research.

Nor should we forget that one held steadfast to her innocence, whereas the other admitted doing the dirty deed - emasculating her husband - even though she did not remember doing it. Translations of steadfast in Chinese Traditional.

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Don Moen - Steadfast Love (1988)

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