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Fake Frank? (Chapter 2)
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The basic gameplay of the original game remains exactly the same in here.


Your task is of course redundantly simple, yet annoyingly hard at the same time: collect all of the little white pills in the game without being killed by the ghosts. If Pac-Frank touches any of them, he'll literally bray like a donkey and faint, and you will lose a life.

Fake And Gay - Fake Frank? (Chapter 2) - Wattpad

This game can be extremely hard for first-timers, since three of these ghosts have some scarily good artificial intelligence programmed in them, and you can get easily cornered. There is a trick, though: just like in the original game, all ghosts have a natural characteristic, albeit not following the same pattern as the ghosts from the original game.

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It's worth noting that Pac-Frank can cut corners slightly, which the ghosts cannot do. This means you can round corners to gain a little bit of distance between you and the pursuing ghosts for a slight edge.

Fake Frank? (Chapter 2)

Frank Warren postsecret is founder of PostSecret , an art project inviting strangers to anonymously mail in their secrets on homemade postcards. What started as a passion project quickly became a worldwide phenomenon.

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Frank has received over 1,, postcards mailed to him from around the world. From a sunny balcony in San Diego overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Frank Warren and I uncover and discuss his three most formative books and pull out the resonant themes affecting us all. How do we give people a voice? In a flattening world, how do we build trust with new people? And what are the lessons we can take and apply to our own lives from these three life-changing books?

The somewhat embarrassing strategy I first used to connect with Frank. What was the first book to give voice to "the people" versus the power? What are specific suggestions Frank shares to help us build trust with new people?

P ostSecret. Hard Times by Charles Dickens. Frank will not ask Max about the events at the scrapyard. The fourth important choice can be found in the last chapter of the game. Your decision, or rather a series of decisions, will affect the outcome of the event - whether you save Kate or not. One of the possibilities leading to saving Kate can be achieved by leading the conversation in such manner:.

Dialogue 3 - If, during the first consequential decision, you decided to tell Kate to refrain from going to the police because you needed more proof:. A thing to note, is the fact that in order to make the whole conversation work, you will have to make at least two positive choices shown in the important choices in order to save Kate. The last important choice can be found in the last chapter of this episode, in the final moments of it to be more specific.

You will have to point the one who you think is responsible for the whole suicidal attempt.

The choice has no consequences in this episode. You will be suspended after you blame Nathan, after she hid the truth at the beginning of the game, and if you admitted that you smoke pot. You will be suspended after you blame David, after you blamed Nathan at the beginning of the game, and if you admitted that you smoke pot.

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David will return home wearing his uniform and will complain that he had to write reports he wrote on the previous day. David will not be involved in the chase at the Blackwell swimming pool. Some other guard will be, instead. Nathan may be suspended, of Max told the Principal at the beginning of the game that Nathan has a gun, or if she hid the truth, but she did not admit to having smoked pot.

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Jefferson will admit to Max that she almost got him, but the Principal's alcohol addiction kept him beyond suspicion. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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