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  1. The Science behind Explainer Videos and Why They’re So Effective
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  3. The Science of Memory
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Have you seen them get good results, or do you have any questions about how they work? Joe Putnam is the blog editor at iSpionage. Matthew Gethins I use and produce Explainer or Whiteboard style videos and have them on my landing pages. I can definitely attest to the fact that they can drive extraordinary results. I also use them in email marketing and they help there as well.

I agree with the recommendations on producing one of these video. It does start with a good script just like in Hollywood and I would add that you would do well to keep the video as short as possible, definitely no longer than 2 minutes. And then you end up with a minute video where the call to action is never seen.

People really buy the indirect approach in marketing. Like the example above, giving scenarios to convince and influence them how they can benefit from your service. Agree with you Joe. God Eater Season 2 release is expected in and here are exclusive updates and plot details about our favorite anime series.

The Science behind Explainer Videos and Why They’re So Effective

McDormand, and best supporting actor for Sam Rockwell. Such a nice explanation for the importance of explainer video.. Previous Next. Get our PPC marketing tips! Related Posts. Matthew Gethins. I use and produce Explainer or Whiteboard style videos and have them on my landing pages. Belinda Summers.

Anisha Malviya.

7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by %

Juanita Perea. Aleena Johnson. Take notes! Sometimes our anecdotes bored the hell out of people. Other times, we became aware that a piece of information needed greater emphasis. We probably went through at least thirty major drafts. It takes weeks of consistent work to build and refine a deck and practice a pitch. Put in lots of work and practice before showing up to meetings.

A word of caution. Because pitching involves emotion, many people reach for tricks to hack various biases that plague human judgment. We need an answer by Friday. The old folktale of Stone Soup is about how a few hungry strangers persuade the residents of a town, one by one, to give them the ingredients they need to make soup.

An initial stone in the pot convinces villagers the essential ingredient is there and it only requires a few additions like celery, carrots, and onions. In the Portuguese version of the story, the traveler is a monk. In the French version, the strangers are soldiers returning from the Napoleonic wars. In the Silicon Valley version, the traveler is you. Are you a young hacker, founder, or maker working on a project? Set up a call with us.

60 Seconds How To Tell Your Companys Story And The Brain Science To Make It Stick

We are offering some thoughts on the overall structure and necessary elements of a deck, but our suggestions should not be taken as plodding formula. They are not eternal verities. Think of it more like the underlying structure of a rock song, where you usually find a verse-chorus structure. That sounds very formulaic but consider the Beatles alone filled out that form in different wonderful ways.

Shakespeare wrote line sonnets; one of them is so good we etched it onto a gold record, attached it to Voyager II, and sent it out of the solar system. There is space for novelty within the confines of patterned order. We like the simplicity of this slide from Nelumbo , a materials science startup out of UC Berkeley with whom we work. Unusual colors. Key elements for cover slide: Name, tag, and date. Underneath it though, we find a statement that is so general it could serve as the problem of all marketing and all advertising.

Nor does that statement align with the first sentence of this paragraph. Content becomes more generic and less suited to any individual the more teachers have to cater to large numbers. Sometimes we see people identify enormous problems like loneliness or meaninglessness.

The Science of Memory

Attempting to alleviate these problems is surely worth time and money. Quantify as much as possible how big a problem it is, how much pain it causes, how much money it wastes, how much time it takes. Ask your users why they like your product or service. Key elements for problem slide: State and quantify in plain language the problem you are solving.

What is your company doing? Is there a mission? Double check for congruence: do your users agree with you on your problem statement? Reading about Cabin in a deck was a pale shadow compared to experiencing the service for ourselves:. Also, their models are way, way more attractive than we are:. The more you can quantify things, the better. This slide from Lambda Labs hits the mark:. In the first draft of their deck, they sent this:.

How To Sleep In 60 Seconds

In its stark white background and strong lighting, a lovely image, to be sure. This is a well designed team slide from the Cabin team. But it tells you nothing about who Tom Currier or Gaetano Crupi really are. Nor should it. And yet, this is why we dislike pitching and decks — who are you? Certainly not a title. Even more important: who are you together?

60 Seconds

Just about every seed stage investor focuses on three main elements when evaluating an opportunity:. While all investors use these three facets to get a handle on a company, which factor they give priority to will define their style. But for everybody else it reduces down to some combination of market, product, team. Poor deck? We give the most weight to team in our judgment, then product and market. In the Thiel-Hoffman anecdote above, you can tell they cared quite a bit about product. Thiel funded him to work on Facebook.

Why you should care about your bounce rate

Since we invest at the earliest stage, order can quickly give way to chaos. It almost certainly will. And so we need to assess whether this team has the character to turn that chaos into an upward trajectory. We have known Tom Currier since , when we read his application to the first batch of Thiel Fellows. This is the type of person we are looking for! Someone like Tom is just not possible in countries like France or Japan.

His trickster mind generates five wild ideas an hour, four of which are Willy Wonka nutty and one of which just might change the way we live. Or the squatty potties he placed throughout WeWork to improve restroom wait times; or, Kudavi, the city he wanted to found two hours outside San Francisco.

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Since we know Tom, it was assuring that Yin was teaming up with Yang. Tom introduced us to Gaetano, who is not only an incredible operator, he also understands brand and design deeply — as a producer he was nominated for a Grammy. In all the pieces of launching a company that are critical, Gaetano compliments Tom and vice versa. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. We surmise Cabin is creating a wholly new market, their buses are swank, but more than anything we backed this team because of information that could never be known from a slide. Madison Maxey is indeed the founder and technical lead on Loomia.

You would never know her character looking at this slide.

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Key elements for the team slide: faces, names, titles, claims to fame. Her stance is that founders grow into those roles and earn those titles by growing teams. The team is more important than the market, but the market still matters. This is one of the toughest questions seed investors have to ask themselves during a pitch and while investigating an opportunity.

Because we meet a lot of great people. And maybe they even have a nice product with a small, but strong bit of traction.